A Whole New World Incoming Skyblock Reset!

It's that time again!
We're planning to reset the Skyblock server next weekend (Aug 25th - 26th).
Finish up your builds and challenges, take your screenshots, and bid farewell to your animal friends, because a whole new world is on the way!​
I know we're late on this but for Ash, being late to Professor Oak's lab meant he got Pikachu, his best friend and companion.

Now that our Snorlax finally agreed to move and give us a path to the server doors again, we can announce the next survival season:

During this season you have a chance to catch (almost) every minecraft mob in pok├ęba uhm... I mean eggs.
You won't be able to catch all of them right from the start though so visit the PokeCenter near spawn to learn to unlock more and more catches. Maybe you will catch them all to become a true MobMaster!


There are a few things you need to be careful about though:

  • The eggs won't always work and are not a replacement for fighting. Be prepared to defend yourself against hostile mobs you are trying to catch.
  • Keep exploring the world. We heard rumurs of some weird structures.
  • Be mindful where you spawn your catches. Keep in mind that overcrowded areas might be hard on other players' clients. And if we ever find out that you used hostile mobs against your fellow players, that will be the last mob you caught!

We hope you are all gonna be the very best like no one ever was!
To catch then is your real test, to tame them is your cause!

The whitelist will be lifted soon after this post.

~ The Staff of Nerdcrafteria ~
Hello Nerdcrafterians!

As announced at the start of March, this vanilla survival season is reaching its end to make way for a whole new world of excitement and exploration.

We will take down the current survival map on June 21 (next Thursday).

To make sure to take some screenshots of things you want to remember. Feel free to post them here if you want to share some cool builds.

The server will be whitelisted for a few days while we test a new thing and prepare the new map. We are going to announce the start of the new season as soon as we are sure things won't explode (except for creepers maybe :p).

I hope you are as excited for a new beginning as we are. It's gonna be the very best, like no season ever was! :cool:
Important Updates The New Server Hypemaster
Hello friends~

After two and a half years on staff - one year of which as a Senior Admin - I have decided that it is time for me to retire. As of today, I will be stepping down from my position, and passing the torch onto @LadyAustin , who will be your new Senior Admin of Long-Term Planning and Server Promotions.

I have had an incredible time working on the server and doing my best to make it an awesome place for you all, and I'm excited to see where the server goes from here!

Don't worry - I have no plans to be a stranger, and hopefully you should see me around as a player ;) Who else is going to paint Nerdcrafteria purple?

As always, DFTBA, and thank you all for making being on staff such a fantastic experience!
Breaking News

Very unusual activity happening in the heart of Nerdtropolis.
Crews are on the scene of what appears to be a crashed UFO.
We are getting reports that the entire area has been fenced off and prepped for quarantine.
This event is unprecedented!


Multiple eye-witness reports are coming in as we speak!
They're saying a total of 10 creatures fled the scene of the crash at the moment of impact. Witnesses across the main map have reported odd, little green creatures seeking cover in and around major server builds.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

NC Government Officials are keeping the situation very hush-hush.
But it seems there could more to this than just a crash.
NC Officials do not believe they have spread to other servers or made the jump to Mineworld.
We must find them before this spreads.
Regarding the reports of our green visitors leaving the scene...
Where did they go? Why did exactly 10 of them leave?
Will they try to communicate with us?

This is the story of the century!
We suspect you will have to act quickly. NC Government Officials are aiming to have this event investigated, recorded, and cleaned up in just roughly one week, on April...
Dear Miners, Farmers and Fishers

it is time to stack those blocks, to materialize those ideas, to create those wonders:
Let's have ourselves a build contest, shall we?​

The inhabitants of Scythian Peaks' Lednia are looking for help to spice up the main entrance to Lednia a bit:​

The Facts:

  • Location: right inside at /warp lednia
  • Size: 20 x 25 x 30 (More detailed informations can be found on-site)
  • Time: until April 30th (4 weeks)
  • Reward:
    • 1st place:
      • Your build will be placed in Scythian Peaks as official town build.
      • You will get a builder's credit on the build.
      • 1 llama with chests filled with goodies + virtual llamas to an overall worth of about 5000 ll.
    • 2nd place: 1 llama with a chest filled with goodies + virtual llamas to an overall worth of 3000 ll.
    • 3rd place: A herd of virtual llamas to an overall worth of 1500 ll.

Rules and Requirements:

  • You are allowed to work together with other players to create your build. Each player can enter only one build and there will only be one reward per entry, regardless of how many players contributed to it.
  • Create your build on /server creative on your or your teammate's plot.
  • Use THIS form...
The Skyblock Results are In!

Abros_vii's airship island

As we start a new skyblock season, it's time to look back and celebrate all of the awesomeness of the last one.

Congratulations on your beautiful islands - over 200 were created!
Many were small but beautiful. Some were incredible and huge, with our top finalist's island containing the equivalent of 105,400 blocks of cobble.

Without further ado, our top three islands were...

In Third Place, a unique, creative, new entry with 707 levels: Seth25R!

In Second Place, another closely fought new entry, super cute, with a valiant 737 levels: Mafersauros!

And in First place..
Last season's silver medal winner now takes gold with an incredible 1054 levels and some beautiful airships.......

Finally, our creative island prize* goes to Xieandra for their colourful tropical town island which perfectly fit into the season's Cities theme.
Abros_vii will win a mainworld prize of 5000llamas, 2000ll going to Seth24R, Mafersauros and Xieandra. Your prizes have been paid into your accounts.

Finally, honourable mentions also go to our full top 10 finalists.
A Whole New World New skyblock season!
New Skyblock Season!!

The new skyblock season has arrived! We hope you have a wonderful time making your islands.
The season will run from now until the end of August
(last season recap coming soon)

New updates:
  1. We think we have increased mob spawning rates but it's a work in progress and we need your feedback. We want to balance mob spawning with the fact that some players have older computers with more lag. Please let staff know if you suddenly have issues playing.
  2. We have made tweaks to the challenges that you were requesting. Some are a little easier and some are a little harder...
  3. We now have a challenge currency! Every time you complete or repeat a challenge, you will be given a red sand block. The final challenge is to collect and submit all 1800 red-sand blocks..... (you have a little wiggle room, that isn't quite all the repeats). If you complete that final challenge, modreq for a special skyblock mainworld prize and 5000 llamas! If you don't care about the final challenge - use the red sand however you like.
  4. The bug where the torches don't light on arrival on the island is not fixable. To fix the torch issue, replace a torch or add a torch nearby and all the nearby torches should light. To solve the issue of villagers dying, your initial companion will not be a villager, but no fear! People who enjoy mining cobble will soon be reunited with their villager companion.
  5. You now have 25 island resets and only a 30 second wait between them - so if you want to take the time to explore...
A Whole New World New Survival Season!

Welcome to the new survival world!

This is classic vanilla survival. No special mods or changes to be aware of.
But it's a little warmer than last season XD

The season will last approximately 3 months, ending in June

Here's a few screenshots from the wonderful snowy last season. Ice town was awesome!

It's that time again. Take your screenshots, wish goodbye to the challenge hall, fly around your islands one last time and get ready for new survival and skyblock seasons!

We are planning to reset survival at some point this weekend (no promises on an exact day/time)

This will reset one week later - again no promises on an exact day/time.