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By PerfectFlaw on May 15, 2020 at 4:30 PM
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    Hello everyone!

    I apologize for the delay in getting this post out to everyone - we're hard at work behind the scenes, and suddenly it was Friday! Below you can find a link to the video recording of our Town Hall. I'll also be laying out the key points/questions about this upgrade in this post so you guys have it as a reference.

    So, first things first... We're Upgrading to 1.15!

    Yes! The lands of bees and composting and campfires will soon be ours.

    The Server will go down for upgrade on June 13th, and the refreshed Server will come up on June 20th. This upgrade will be a complete wipe, meaning that asteroids, the main map, and VIP world will all stay in 1.13, and won't move to 1.15 with us (more on this below in the FAQs).

    After the reset, we plan to have the following worlds: Economy Map (main map) and its associated Mineworld; Skyblock; and Survival (survival may come shortly after reset depending on staff timelines).

    We will also be updating some of our rules and rule enforcement systems - both on the Economy server and across the server as a whole - to ensure they're more clear and easily understood by all involved.

    Finally, our website will be getting a facelift! We want to make our website more accessible to new players and users, and shift our community interaction almost completely to Discord. We will also be revamping our social media as a part of this process, so that folks outside the community can stay up to date on what's happening here!

    Why is this reset happening?
    Minecraft maps reset every couple of years in order to free up server space and refresh player interest. As the current map was a bit rushed as a result of external circumstances, we decided to reset a bit sooner than usual in order to boost player interest and give ourselves an opportunity to really develop a map.
    Why can't I keep my asteroid?
    Unfortunately, the plugin we used to do asteroids did not upgrade to 1.15. As a result, it would have simply been too hard on staff and the server to manually transfer each asteroid and set up the permissions required.
    Can I have a download of my asteroid?
    Yes! Please see this post for more information.
    What will the new map be like?
    The new main map will be much more like previous maps with towns and individual plots. We don't want to give too much away and spoil the surprise, but the builds so far are looking amazing! <3
    Will I be able to take anything to the new map?
    Yes! We are permitting one single sentimental chest per person to be transported. Find out more on this post (coming soon!).
    What are these rule changes going to look like?
    Largely the rule changes will impact the economy server, and cut down on the size permitted of redstone machines and shop signs within a shop. We will post these once they are completed!
    What will the rule enforcement changes look like?
    We are adding verbal warnings to the in-game warning system (called Nudges), and will be providing more clarity as to the level of warnings and their associated consequences.

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, May 15, 2020.

    1. Banesidhe
      A couple of concepts/references/etc that get mentioned in this that may be unfamiliar to players who are newer, or for whom this is the first map of Nerdcrafteria they have played on. So I'm providing context alone, take anything else with a grain of sand. This is based on prior experience on this server, and may not accurately reflect current plans, plugins, or abilities of the current staff, although I've tried to verify where possible.

      Resets are a fairly regular occurrence on many multiplayer Minecraft servers. NC resets approximately every 2 yrs or so depending on several factors, including but not limited to player activity, economy stagnation, plugin updates (or the lack thereof), minecraft updates, and data or map corruption issues. Depending on the reset, some to no items/currency/earnings/etc can be carried over, it just depends on the reset.

      Player Town vs Staff Town:
      Staff Towns are towns where players can purchase a plot, ranging from a small apartment, to a large piece of land, in a pre-planned, themed, and already built town put together by the staff. Staff maintains the town, adding holiday decor, doing plot reclaims, etc. Players are encouraged to build within the theme of the town to add to its overall appeal and sense of community.

      Player Towns, the process for which can be found here, are conceptualized, funded, planned, and built by players working together, and maintained by a team of players.

      Plots: Individually regioned areas, that are put up for sale by a town, wherein you, once you purchase them, are the only player who can build there, or open or access chests there. This means your builds and storage are absolutely protected. You will be able to add friends to the plot regions, at your own risk.

      Reclaims: If you go AFK from the server past an extended period of time (yet to be determined), your plots are subject to being reclaimed, reset, and put back up for sale on the server. Presumably, we will also be bringing back AFK forms for people who have to take planned absences for RL reasons, (vacation, medical, family, etc)

      AShop/Admin Shop: Strictly part of the economy server, this is a server-run shop that allows you to sell and buy directly from the server. The money does not go into staff hands, it disappear into the void, and comes back to players from the void. This is used as a way for players to obtain hard to find, or impossible to obtain items depending on the economy server limits, or sell valuables to obtain currency to purchase plots or other perks on the server. The AShop is closely monitored by the staff in concurrence with the economy and can, and has been, \adjusted accordingly if needed, without prior notice or info, to avoid "insider trading", or similar work-arounds.

      Economy vs Survival Servers:
      Economy servers run on the concept of farming/mining/selling/trading to make currency for various spending goals. Because the worth of items can be subjective, or the interests of player can wax and wane, it is usually under flux, and at some point, usually needs to undergo a reset on a regular basis to avoid wealth disparity. The explore/mineworld world is considered a regularly refreshed 'resource world' for the economy server to provide ongoing and varying resources for players.

      Survival servers are much closer to a "true/traditional" multiplayer minecraft experience, as it has no economy, and all resources must be mined, shared, traded, and built upon by the player participating in it. Survival servers are usually reset on a more regular basis, due to a finite amount of resources, approximately every 4-6 months or so. It has a separate inventory from the "Main", aka Economy server.

      Rule Changes/Redstone: Economy servers, due to the nature of being based on earning, trading, and spending currency, will have stricter rules regarding farms, lag machines, redstone, etc. Survival and Skyblock servers usually have more relaxed rules regarding mob grinders, redstone, etc due to the nature of their game play, and lack of effect on the economy. That will be explained in more detail closer to the time those worlds are released.

      How can players help the server for reset? Talk about us. Bring your friends in. Share the server on your social media. Hype us up. Start planning a player town. Suggest staff town ideas too! Get excited. Remind the staff you support them. Give us feedback when you don't. ASK QUESTIONS.

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