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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Oranges13, May 13, 2020.

By Oranges13 on May 13, 2020 at 10:15 AM
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    As we continue the map reset & upgrade process, we want to ensure you're able to keep your asteroid for sentimental reasons!

    We are offering two options:
    • Option 1
      • We will export your entire asteroid. You choose one set of coordinates as the location where the export will be based. Stand on your asteroid where you want the paste to happen.
      • Due to complexity and size of some asteroids, this may be more prone to data loss or corruption. Please consider option 2, which will export a smaller area of your asteroid.
    • Option 2
      • You choose two coordinates that surround a portion of your asteroid that you wish to save (a specific building or monument, etc).
    In both cases, please use F3 to locate in-game coordinates. Please double check your coordinates before entering, as staff will enter them exactly while exporting.

    1. Request your asteroid to be saved today through May 20, 2020. All you need to do is fill out this form!
    2. Staff will download and delivery your schematics through May 27, 2020.
    3. Players have until June 3, 2020 to report any issues with their schematics to the staff.
    We will post a tutorial on how to import your schematics into single player soon!


Discussion in 'Server News' started by Oranges13, May 13, 2020.

    1. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      I don't quite understand... Is only a portion of the asteroid space to be saved (and then I don't understand the directions given) and to where? My asteroid stuff covers nearly all of the given space (and only looks good in "space". Please clarify.
    2. Oranges13
      When copying a schematic, you have to stand somewhere and when you paste it back in, the place it was copied from is how it pastes in relative to your location.

      For example, if you wanted your asteroid to paste in the air above you, for option 1 the coordinate that you give would be somewhere floating below your asteroid.

      On the other hand if you wanted it to paste below you, you could stand on top of your asteroid and give us that coordinate instead.

      We just need your preferred point of reference when we copy the schematic for the first option. That is where staff will stand when making the copy.

      For option two, we will copy a part of your asteroid that you want to save rather than the entire thing. So we need two points that surround the part you want to save.

      You have the choice which you prefer. Some people may only want to save a portion of their build while others may want to save the entire thing.

      You only need to fill in one of the options.
    3. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      Paste it where? In a world I create in single player (I don't think that would work out...)? Can worlds of only "space" even be created in single player? I could go to the lowest co-ordinates but in a regular world that would be bedrock, and the builds extend to the top of what would be the sky in a regular world. Is it even possible to duplicate the conditions of where my build actually exists? If not saving it would be futile.
    4. Oranges13
      With a modded client with worldedit you can paste it into a single player world and that's what we're going for.

      I will be posting instructions as soon as I can write up a tutorial.

      In single player you can create a flat world and paste it in the sky above you, if you wanted to maintain the "floating in space" aesthetic.

      Or you could dig a hole in a flat world and import it into the gap.

      It's also possible to run server software on your own computer and mod it however you like - including the ability to fly and other things. Worldedit would work on both so you can import it wherever you feel comfortable doing so.
    5. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      I guess I'll go through trying to save it even if it turns out to be impossible to use...
    6. FerrousPrime
      Hello! I recently filled out the form, but put the second coordinate incorrectly. Would it be possible for me to submit another form?
    7. FerrousPrime
      Nevermind! A staff member helped me over Discord.
    8. Horsefun
      I have never pasted something into a Minecraft world, how do I do thatt?
    9. Banesidhe
      You need to mod your minecraft game and install World Edit.

      Once you've done that:

      1. Paste the .schematic file in your /plugins/worldedit/schematics/ folder on your Minecraft server.
      2. Load it in the game with the command "//schem load filename", where "filename" is the file name without the .schematic extension.
      3. Now go where you want to place the schematic and paste it with the command "//paste -A".
      4. If the schematic is badly placed, you can cancel it with the command "//undo".

      If its large it will crash the server you need to async it~ add this plugin
    10. Horsefun
      Thank you! I am new to world edit I will try this.
    11. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      I don't have either Microsoft or Mac. I have Ubuntu, and my launcher doesn't have either the Mods or Minecraft Realms tags like his does... I'm not sure that this will work on my computer at all. I was barely able to get the launcher I have... :(
      I'll have my son look at this, but I suspect I won't be able to use my downloaded asteroid, and I definitely won't be able to say if it works or not by the 3rd.

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