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By PerfectFlaw on May 16, 2020 at 10:55 AM
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    Attention students of Nerdcrafteria and friends of Nerdcrafterians, this is an announcement inviting all of you to join us for our Graduation and Prom Extravaganza!

    On May 23rd at 4pm EST, we invite students graduating any level of schooling to participate in our graduation ceremony, and afterwards, to join us for our Aquatic Farewell prom event!

    Fill out this form to walk at graduation! Please have it filled out by May 21st so that Flaw can clarify any pronunciations and we have time to prepare your robes.

    We encourage you to invite friends and family, and to feel free to dress up for the occasion (although cap and gown will be provided for our graduates during the ceremony).

    Note! If this is your first time playing Minecraft and/or your first time on the server, we recommend joining before the day of the event to make sure you have all tech issues sorted in time!

    A quick guide on how to join the server:

    1. Make sure you’re playing on Minecraft Java Edition. Unfortunately we cannot support Bedrock Edition on the Server :(
    2. Open the Minecraft Launcher (it should look like a grass cube,) go to the Minecraft: Java Edition tab on the left side of the window, then the Installations tab along the top of the window. Select New in the top left, and create a new installation set to 1.13.2 on the Version dropdown menu. Name it Graduation/Prom (or whatever you like,) ignore the other text boxes, and click Create
    3. Hit Play once you’ve made sure the version you just made is selected
    4. Click Multiplayer, then Add Server
    5. Name it Nerdcrafteria, and set the server address to
    6. Hover over the server icon and click the arrow pointing to it
    7. Welcome to the server! :D

    If you still have trouble joining, you can ask on our Discord!

    Please read the rules before the ceremony! We’re a PG-13 server, and we expect everyone to be respectful to other players! :)

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, May 16, 2020.

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