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By PerfectFlaw on Dec 1, 2018 at 7:39 PM
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    Hello all! Welcome to Issue #1 of the Nerdcrafteria Newsletter. These Newsletters will be monthly, and detail any major changes, updates, or events that happened during the month prior to their release. We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics and other fun information you’d like to see in it.

    Player Liaison Elections
    This month we chose to implement a Player Liaison role. This role provides players with a less formal communication bridge to staff through a candidate the NCT community elects. This person will not be staff and remain a player, but will help mediate discussions between both groups, and handle feedback for staff. The full post on this role is located here. We’ve also created this thread with answers from each on some player-suggested questions.

    Voting for your player liaison elections are now open! You can CLICK HERE to cast your vote. As a reminder, your candidates are:
    • Refresne
    • Dasqu
    • OhMagicalUnicornLord
    Voting will close on December 8, 2018 at 11:55pm EST.

    CoC Updates
    We have several CoC updates, clarifications, and changes that happened this month, one of which is announced for the first time below.
    • Religious builds - as always, these continue to be permitted in small form (10x10 or under) and private areas (i.e. your asteroid or inside a house). Holiday imagery like Chanukiah and Christmas Trees are permitted near the holidays. Full post here.
    • Clarification on mob hunting/farming rules - the following language is taken from the CoC, “Mob farms/traps/grinders are defined as planned out builds/contraptions with the purpose of making gathering, manipulating, and killing mobs extremely easy and danger-free for the maker. This includes creating dark rooms, trapping mobs in holes/fences, and automated setups in which mobs are spawned, killed, and their items gathered without any player interaction.” For clarification purposes, this INCLUDES two-high platforms created for farming Endermen, and two-high towers created for farming Pigmen, as both of these solutions eliminate most of the danger of hunting these mobs, and (due to the mechanics of those mobs) trap them in practice. We spent some time observing the use of both of these mechanics this month, and do feel they violate the mob farming rule. This update/clarification is in effect starting in the explore world we visit on Dec 1, 2018.

    Punishment System Updates
    The punishment system has been updated with two major changes:
    • Appeals are now handled privately. To clarify, this does not mean you can’t talk to anyone about your appeal. Instead, it is the exclusive option of the appealing player whether they would like other players to know that they have been punished/are appealing.
    • Punishment points “time out”. In order to aid in only punishing players that demonstrate a pattern of behavior, some punishment points will now “time out” after a certain period of time, and only be “refreshed” if the player is warned for the same thing or something similar. Please see this post for the full details.

    Launching Build-of-the-Week
    We have decided to launch a special weekly contest for builds you love! Simply fill out this form to suggest a build that you’ve noticed that you think is really splendid. Don’t stress about figuring out who it belongs to, we can handle that. :)

    Map Download
    Alright friends, this one has good news and bad news.
    The good news is that the old map is now available for download! You can find it here. Simply unzip it, then drag the resulting folder into your Minecraft “Saves” folder. It is on 1.12, so please ensure that is the game client you load to use it.
    The bad news is that, unfortunately, we were not able to preserve any chests/droppers/hoppers/things that store other things. There was an issue with the map breaking when the files were simply loaded into singleplayer. We believe this was due to it being built on a Bungee system, but the exact mechanics of what was broken remain unclear. After a lot of long nights and quite a lot of tears, we made the decision to use a mod to at least pull the map itself. This mod did not pull chests/droppers unless they were opened during map recording, and unfortunately by the time we were at this last resort we did not have time to hunt down all sentimental droppers/dispensers. We are truly sorry about this, we wish we had been able to do more, but unfortunately sometimes technical difficulties get in the way. We hope you still enjoy getting to fly around the old map. :tinyheart:

    Please leave some sort of post rating, like a like, below so that we know you read this! :p
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Dec 1, 2018.

    1. Horsefun
      RIP all my sentimental books and everything from the last 2 will be missed but never forgotten.
      Thanks for at least pulling the map. It is awesome that you were able to do that at least, now we can explore the old world.
    2. Tzaphqiel
      Well, at least you tried to save as much of the old map as you could.
      That does mean that many of the books I wrote for the download are probably gone. I'll go back through my screenshots to see what can be salvaged from them. But I can still see much of what I, and other players, left behind.
      As always, thanks to staff for everything they've done so far, everything they're currently doing, and everything that they will eventually have to deal with.

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