Server Event Nerdcrafteria Server Olympic Games (Winter 2018)

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    ~~ Sound the Trumpets! Alert the Press! It’s time for the First Ever ~~
    ~~ Nerdcrafteria Server Olympic Games! ~~


    Operating in concert with the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, the towns of Nerdcrafteria will be hosting our own Olympic Games!

    Beginning with Opening Ceremonies in Nerdtropolis on February 10th, Every Saturday will feature a new town playing host to an official Olympic Games Event!

    Participate in fun team competitions or individual challenges! Discover the towns you know in new ways!


    1. Feb 10th: Nerdtropolis - Opening Ceremony [5pm EST]
      Feb 10th: Nouveau Batiment - Sheep Hockey [directly after the opening ceremony]

    2. Feb 17th: Solara - Bow Spleef [5pm EST]

    3. Feb 24th: Scythian Peaks - Mountain Crawl Relay [5pm EST]

    4. Mar 3rd: Emerald Falls - Boaty McBoatrace [5pm EST]

    5. Mar 10th: Thistledown - Tree Diving [5pm EST]

    6. Mar 17th: Drakerberg - Elytra Race [time tba]
      Mar 17th: Nerdtropolis - Closing Ceremony [directly after the Elytra Race]
    *Unofficial practices and alternative events will be offered during the rest of the weeks.*

    So come join us as we gather together in celebration of what brings us together.
    And maybe you’ll win a medal! ;)

    • Sheep Hockey:
      One icehockey-style rink. Two teams of equal numbers. Two sides. Two goals. One shoop. Push the shoop with your team in the other teams’ goal by using your body to get a point. No hitting the shoop!
    • Bow Spleef - /server minigames ; /warp bowspleef
      A spleef arena with TNT-blocks as floor. Individual participants. You get a fire bow. YOU get a fire bow. EVERYONE gets a fire bow. Shoot the TNT , it explode and create a hole ‘nother … hole. Try to makes holes so that others fall through them but not you. Last person standing, wins.
    • Mountain Crawl Relay Race
      A race through Scythian Peak’s Lednia with equally sized teams of 2-4 players each. The track is split into consecutive sections and each runner carries the team’s baton for one section. The team who gets their baton to the finish line first wins.
    • Boaty McBoatrace
      A boat race on the river and ocean of EM. All the rules at /warp emboatrace
    • Tree Diving
      Dive from the branches into one of the pools below! Official rules at /warp treejump
    • Elytra Race
      High speeds, cutting winds and soaring heights. What’s not to love?
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Theo da Kaffei, Feb 6, 2018.

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