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By PerfectFlaw on Oct 11, 2018 at 7:22 PM
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    Hello all, it's time for another, and hopefully final, change in direction for NCT. Here's where we're at so far, although our plans are still in their final decision making stages. We know things are super chaotic and confusing, but we will do our absolute best to make things clear for you.
    1) I will be taking over Kelsey's position as Head Admin of Nerdcrafteria.
    2) The map WILL be resetting, and it is unlikely all worlds will come back immediately. A map download will be made available.
    3) Some of you probably know that we have been working on a second server to continue NCT's legacy - you can find its planning details on our temporary setup Discord here: https://discord.gg/NuxjPCy. Right now, it's our intention to use many of those plans/builds/setups as the first iteration of NCT in 1.13. For those of you not on that discord, it is currently a heavily space themed world consisting of a main map, skyblock "apartments", and a mining world.
    4) Oh yeah, the server will be moving to 1.13.
    5) We are planning to have a Town Hall on Tuesday, October 16th at 7:30pm EST to go over everything we're planning and working on. I really hope to make these a more regular thing.
    6) Most importantly: Our goal here is transparency. Please feel free to send me questions, or post them here publicly. Please understand, however, that we are people and can only answer your questions so quickly. Here are our current FAQs to get you started: https://www.newcrafteria.com/faq
    We are incredibly excited to bring these two servers together into something great. :tinyheart: Thanks all!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Oct 11, 2018.

    1. Syriniel
      Just to clarify, since I'm a bit confused -- are the two servers that were in the works going to be combined and be one server? What I see in that FAQ sounds great. :D
    2. PerfectFlaw
      Yep! The plans for NewCT will be used for NCT instead, and NewCT will not be its own separate server. :)
    3. Tzaphqiel
      Are there any timelines set for the end of the current map and any decisions on whether or not dispensers/droppers will be left unwiped?
    4. PerfectFlaw
      Hoping to reset before Halloween for some spooky fun events, but no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. ;) No decisions on that, but I will add it to the list!
    5. Jillian
      Ooooh a Halloween reset event would be cool, especially with the new Phantoms :D
    6. Patrick
      Thank you so much for stepping up and taking on this big responsibility. I can't think of anyone better to help lead this transition into a new more sustainable server for our awesome community.

      I am all in and will give what little time and support I currently have to make this project great.
    7. littlewill1166
      What happened to cory taking over the server?
    8. Stormy
      To quote Kelsey's announcement in Discord:

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