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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Nov 1, 2018.

By PerfectFlaw on Nov 1, 2018 at 7:44 PM
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    Hello everyone!

    We are super excited to see how much everyone is loving the new map and all of its new mechanics (how ‘bout them flying asteroids, amirite??). The level of engagement and support from you all has been a bit overwhelming, and we love you guys for the level of awesomeness you’re showing each other.

    SO, we want to give you guys a bunch of updates on things you’ve been asking about. See the list below!

    1. Horses TPing? We’re working on it! This was a bug, but we want to make sure it’s good to go so nobody loses their trusty steed. <3
    2. Guilds? How do they work? Do I have to join one? What’s with the prices?? The guilds are a completely optional part of our economy. However, you are likely to end up interacting with guild members as a part of the economy. They essentially break the ashop up into different “categories” based on what each guild produces. The prices are, well, a work in progress. We can only do so much guessing as to exactly how you all will play ahead of time, but we have to let you give the server a “crash run” to know where our real problem areas are.
    3. Mending? Mending is NOT allowed on this map (main/explore/asteroids - it will be allowed in worlds like survival and skyblock in the future). The short explanation is that it discourages tool trade and bogs the economy down. If you come across a tool with mending or a mending book, please file a ticket immediately and do not use it. We will provide you with a small compensation for it. :)
    4. I’m having a really really hard time getting X item, can you help us? We designed this to be a bit “slow starting”. If you guys had everything right at the start, that would be no fun! You’re doing great, trust the process. <3
    5. Will this mineworld reset at the start of November? Nope! This one will carry us through the end of November.
    6. HELP! I’m trapped against the edge of/around a region! Not to fear! Create a ticket at the location of your stuckness so that staff can locate and fix it, then use /spawn to be whisked back to the lander.

    We love seeing all the things you’re building, and we are super excited to see where the new societies (leagues? associations?) end up. <3
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Nov 1, 2018.

    1. Miki
      So excited to get playing! Thank you, staff, for all your hard work. :)
    2. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      What actually exists now? I logged on, pressed the button to "beam down" and then was afraid to even go out the door because I don't know what's safe and what isn't. What kind of world exists? Where can I find out? (This forum mostly has old, obsolete news now.)
    3. Banesidhe
      /spawn is Main. There's player shops and the Guild HQ's, and outside of spawn, it's Wilderness.
      /explore is mineworld. It resets each month. Same rules apply as always.
      /asteroid is sort of... your own private plot using the skyblock mechanic, as a private asteroid, where you can fly and can build your own home base/home, etc.
    4. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      What is this "Wilderness"? Is it dangerous? Can you use it? (I'm kind of assuming it's the place I saw out of the window, and that where I was is the Guild, though I'm not sure.) I don't remember any signs with destinations, but I'll look again. I never was in Skyblock before, so I'm not quite sure how that works but it sounds like something I might try.
    5. PerfectFlaw
      The wilderness is just an open area around the town. There are *almost* no mobs there, although we've had issues with drowned deciding to spawn uninvited, we think these have been resolved. There are zero hostile mobs within the town. You will know if you leave the town because there is a large white/grey fence around it.

      The asteroids are "blobs in a void" - essentially a little island in space that you can build on how you please with the materials you gather from main. :) Safe themed space to store your stuff and build cool things.
    6. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      Are these asteroids reset periodically like Skyblock? "Materials you gather from main", is that bought stuff, mined stuff (can you even mine in main?), traded stuff, or stuff mined from mine world, or what? What is the economy here like anyway? (Like I said, all the information in this forum is old. Is there new information anywhere?)
    7. PerfectFlaw
      Hi Peach! I'd highly recommend you watch the town hall recording, located in this thread. While it is lengthy, it should explain the answers to all of your questions! The Server News section has the most up-to-date information. :)
    8. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      The town hall recording was very informative. (I'm getting interested in playing again!) There were some questions unanswered though. "Are asteroids reset?" wasn't even asked, so I'm assuming that the answer is "No." Also I understand that the "Wilderness" is primarily for scouting out desirable build locations for the future, but it wasn't quite stated if anything could be taken out of the Wilderness and if so what (obviously not mining or farming stuff though). So, if someone can't go to mine world (because of say... heart conditions) would the only way of acquiring any resources be buying them?
    9. Patrick
      The best way to get resources if you do not want to go to Mineworld (explore) would probably be to use your asteroid like a traditional skyblock (you can find lots of youtube tutorials on this). Your asteroid comes with a chest that has some basic supplies. With these you can for sure create a cobblestone generator and mine as much cobblestone as you want. This can be sold to the mining guild. I don't remember all the other supplies from the starting chest but there should be enough for you to start some other skyblock style generators that will allow you to stock up on an inventory of items. This method is probably going to take a little longer and be a little bit more tedious than just going into Mineworld but there are a lot of players who really like the pace and the different playstyle involved in doing skyblock. plus in the asteroid world you have fly!
    10. Patrick
      @M. Peach, You can also look at trading your labor/building skills to other players in return for some of the items/blocks that you will not be able to produce on your asteroid world on your own. You could also set something up in the town at spawn to see if players will donate some of there extra supplies to you. There's a lot of stuff that people will accumulate that they aren't ever going to do anything with that you might be able to use. You can also get set up with a fishing rod and join the fishing guild. It should be easy to acquire a fishing rod, someone in the fishing guild would probably even donate one to you if you join the guild.

      There are plenty of ways to play without having to deal with the mobs in mineworld/explore. You just need to be a little creative.
    11. palinalif
      Hi, just wanted to point out that generator and redstone rules in general still apply to the asteroid world, so they wouldn't be allowed there.
    12. Patrick
      Thanks for correcting me Pali! I didn't know that creating a generator on the asteroid wasn't allowed but it makes sense. Broader point still stands, you can find ways to function in this economy without going to the mineworld and having to deal with mobs. It is just going to be harder and take longer.
    13. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      It always did. If I go to /asteroid will there be instructions on how to get one, and is it something like getting a plot in creative used to be?
    14. Banesidhe
      Its more like getting a plot in Skyblock used to be, super easy, and you can /fly there so you don't have to worry about falling off :)
    15. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      I know absolutely nothing about Skyblock, but I'll give it a try.

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