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By PerfectFlaw on Nov 28, 2018 at 2:04 PM
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    On our continual journey to improve Nerdcrafteria for our playerbase, one of the most constant points of feedback we have received is that you want us to be more approachable, and easier to communicate with. It is incredibly important to us that we not be the “Big Bad Staff”, because we care about you guys as people first, and awesome ones at that. However, we think we have fallen short here in the past, as we still feel that the connection between players and staff has been harmed, and that saddens us because we are here for you!

    While we have been trying to be more involved as players in addition to our staff duties, we took this critique to heart, and have been listening closely to how we could help this situation. In this vein, we need your help deciding exactly what our solution looks like. We received the suggestion that we have an elected player act as a liaison between staff and players. This person would take the first pass at working through grievances (see: before the formal forums post), take your feedback for staff and pass it along, and help players understand certain decisions or answer questions they feel uncomfortable asking. Essentially, they are meant to be your chosen representative and helper who remains a player. I can’t emphasize enough that this person is not staff. They are a player - they won’t have staff training or mod powers. They’re just a more direct and less formal link to us. It’s also not required that you go through this person for all issues. If you want to pm Flaw or Stormy with an issue, by all means pm us! We’d love to hear from you. But we do recognize that sometimes our “staff hats” can make us seem a bit scary, and we want this player to act as a bridge to lessen the “scary factor”. :)

    SO! You may have noticed I said elected player. This is where we need your help! We have been watching the community for those players who are actively working to bring our community closer together. The following three players are the candidates for the Player Liaison position.

    • Dasqu
    • OhMagicalUnicornLord
    • Refresne

    The election for your player liaison will open on December 1st, and close on December 8th. Between now and then, you are highly encouraged to reach out to each of the candidates and ask them any questions you might have. With that said, there is absolutely no campaigning allowed, by the candidates or by those supporting them. We do not want to become a server centered around politics, and do not want to see players pressured into a decision on a vote. Votes will be tallied in an instant runoff/ranked choice voting (link for peeps who like to know how that works :D ).

    Please let us know if you have any questions you have about this. This is very new territory for all of us, but we think it’s a great idea and want to see it succeed.


    ~ The Staff ~
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Nov 28, 2018.

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