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    First, let me address a major issue that has raised its ugly 256 bit head. As many of you have realized, not all schematics are pasting properly. We've been working on and investigating this issue since we were first made aware of it. I'm not going to get into specific details (for one thing even some of the mod makers involved aren't sure why its happening) but there were many potential issues when saving schematics that we had no way of knowing about ahead of time. Even if we had checked random schematics as we went, the problems are so varied, and in some cases random, odds are good that we wouldn't have come across one. Again, even if we DID know about the problems, there aren't obvious fixes because there are a number of potential causes.

    Because of this, once we set up the creative world again, those who had these problems (make sure you message a staff member letting us know so we can add you to the list) will be given a free extra creative plot to compensate. We realize this doesn't make up for it entirely, but we look forward to seeing what new awesome things you come up with!

    On to better news!

    There are a few steps involved in getting your schematic into a world, but it's quite simple if you follow these instructions!
    1. Install Forge for 1.12.2: http://www.9minecraft.net/minecraft-forge/
    2. Drag these files (below) into the correct "mods" folder in your Minecraft game data. If you don't see a 1.12.2 folder, simply create one within mods named 1.12.2.
    File 1
    File 2
    1. Open a superflat 1.12.2 singleplayer world - we recommend creative for easy zooming, and you must have cheats enabled
    2. Set world to peaceful, and run /gamerule doFireTick false
    3. Create a small schem to get WE to create the folder you need - use your place and break keys to select two corners of a selection, then run //copy, then //schem save {schemname}. The name of this schem doesn't matter.
    4. Save, and exit minecraft
    5. Back in your Minecraft app data, you should have a folder titled config. Within this folder you can navigate through the WorldEdit folder to the newly created schematics folder. You should see the schematic you just created there. Drag you creative plot schematic into this folder.
    6. Reboot Minecraft, and run //schem load {schemname}. Capitalization does matter, so be sure it matches exactly! Do not be surprised if it takes a bit of time for your game to run this.
    7. Once the load is complete, run //paste -a. THE -a IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. This removes the air from your paste (usually a few hundred thousand blocks) and makes it much more feasible for your computer.
    8. Wait for it to paste

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by JentheGeek, Dec 6, 2018.

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