Selling all my stuff super cheap.

Discussion in 'Trading Outpost' started by merlin_medieval, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Hey everyone. I don't really have time for Minecraft anymore. As much as I love the game and especially this server, real life is demanding my attention and I can't afford another distraction. So I will regretfully have to abandon my part in this server. I don't want all my loot to just be wiped though- so if you go to my plot, everything is up for sale super, super, super cheap. Please help yourselves but also share! My plot is /warp merlin and there's also some gardening stuff at /warp flowers. Thanks for a whole lot of fun. :D
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    Hey! Don't know if you still see this, but are you selling your plot? There is also a lucky dip chest that has too much in it for me to buy, is there any way around that? Sorry to see you leave but thanks for the awesome sales, sorry I missed this earlier!

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