Jun 8, 2017
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    Server Events
    From time to time staff put together a server event players can participate in to have fun and potentially win cool prizes! Server events most often happen around holidays or the server's birthday, but sometimes staff simply want to celebrate an anticipated movie, or a new town, or just have fun with all the awesome players who visit our server.

    Major server events are announced on the forums in advance, with a run down of time, location, instructions, and rules. Some events, such as Snow Brawl, may require you to sign up beforehand in order to participate in the event. Conversely, sometimes simple events may just spring up as a nice surprise, with no prior announcement. These might include a monster fight in a small, graveyard arena, or a game where players must find a hiding staff member.

    It is very important that you read and follow the rules for each event. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from the event and forfeit any prizes. Depending on the severity of the cheating, further punishments, such as fines or bans, may be levied against the player. Staff put a lot of time and effort into organizing these events to be fun and fair, trying to find ways around the rules just to get a prize is incredibly disrespectful and highly unawesome.

    Staff Auctions
    Staff Auctions are themed auctions where players may bid llamas for individual chests based upon that theme. For example, our Marvel Heroes auction had chests for various heroes and hero teams, such as Deadpool, Spiderman, X-Men, and Avengers, just to name a few!

    Staff Auctions are announced several weeks prior to the auction to give players who are interested in participating a chance to save up those precious llamas so they can win themselves a rare and wonderful auction chest. Each chest has one themed item with lore, and many named items and blocks that fit the theme, some with special enchantments! Players may choose to team up in order to pool their money; however, the maximum number of players who can bid together in a team is 3.

    Players may win up to two (2) chests per auction. Chests won as part of a team count toward this number.

    If you are curious what sort of items have been in previous auction chests, feel free to check out the What You Got in Your Staff Auction Chest Thread, where players who have won chests can show off all the goodies they found in their chests.

    Secret Llama
    Secret Llama is a gift exchange event that occurs twice a year, once during Winter and once during Summer. Every player who signs up is assigned a participant to secretly give gifts to, so everyone is giving and receiving gifts. The event runs for 3 weeks, with one gift being given each week and in the final week the Secret Llamas revealing themselves to each other.

    Mods assist with secret llama by delivering presents to people's plots, sending mails, signing books, and other little things to help keep the gift giver's identity secret from their recipients.

    Player Run Events
    Players may create and run their own events for players to participate in! However, the players organizing the event are responsible for it. Players cannot ask for staff resources to run or set up events (such as the use of WorldEdit or creative mode) any warps for the event or prizes for the winners must be obtained legitimately by the player(s) running the event.

    Players might choose to run events just for fun, for holidays, to celebrate a movie, book, or individual they admire, to promote their shop, or to fund raise for their Town.

    It is important to note that certain event types are disallowed on the server. Anything that falls under gambling (including but not limited to casino style events, race betting, or raffles) is not allowed. Players found running gambling events will have their event shut down and may be fined or banned.

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