Vanity Tags

Nov 2, 2016
Vanity Tags
  • Vanity Tags

    Show off your favorite things with a fancy chat tag!
    What are vanity tags?
    Vanity tags are tags that appear in chat after your name and before your chat message. You can add one to show the world you are a [Hufflepuff] or a [Slytherin], or maybe that you just really like [Pizza]. There's lots of tags available, so there's bound to be one for one of your interests!

    How can I get one?
    You can donate $5 through Buycraft for a vanity tag, or you can buy a tag in-game for 300 FBP each with /vt shop. Available tags rotate monthly, and Buycraft and the Vote Shop will offer different tags, so keep checking back! Sometimes we even give tags away for free during Events! Keep an eye on the Server News or our Social Media for more info!

    I've got a few tags, how do I change them?
    If you've got a few tags and would like to use another, you can open up the vanity tag GUI using /tags. A window should pop up showing all of the tags available for you to use. Simply click on the tag you would like to start using, and you're good to go! Vanity tags apply per-world, so you can even wear a different tag for every world you're in, if you're feeling particularly fancy.

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    Current [Tag]-List (Nov 2016)

    [Iron Man][War Machine][Black Widow][Black Panther] ⚫ [The Vision][Spider-Man][Capt. America][Winter Soldier][Hawkeye][Agent 13][Falcon][Scarlet Witch][Ant-Man][Water Bender][Earth Bender][Fire Bender][Air Bender][Bookworm][Writer][Gryffindor][Hufflepuff][Ravenclaw][Slytherin][Hanklerfish][DFTBA][FTDWS][Dread Pirate][ROUS][Inconceivable][Redstone][Creeper][Zombie][Enderman][Slime][Skeleton][Flux][TechnoMage][Vis][Thaumcraft][Witchery][FTB][Lannister][Stark][Tyrell][Targaryen][Baratheon][Greyjoy][Paragon][Renegade][Spectre][GreyWarden][Champion][Inquisitor][Squid][Bat][Browncoat][Llama][Whovian][Time Lord][Crystal Gem][Steven][Jedi][Sith][Dalek][Valor][Mystic][Instinct][A+][DC][Marvel][Pokemaniac][Trekkie][Hunter][Sontaran][Super Saiyan][Saiyan][Breton][Dunmer][Dragonborn][Q][Scary][Boo!][Pumpkin][Halloween][Ghostly][Haunted][Witch][Creepy][Muggle Born][Half-Blood][Death Eater][Engineer][Groot][Droid][BountyHunter][Starfleet][Beet Farmer][Survey Corps][Hobbit][Wizard][Elf][Objection!][Midna][Wisdom][Hylian][Candor][Kaiju][Unicorn][Cylon][Lads][Ranter][Swoodilypooper][Wimbly Wombly][AllBatPeople][StrangeCharm][Oracle][Ranger][Samurai][Horde][Test Subject][Landlady][Detective][Night Fury][Faunus][Huntress][Sapphire][Troll][Highblood][Dersite][ArcaneWarrior][AntivanCrow][Dragon][Water][Fire][Bug][Normal][Hoenn][Nobody][Shur'tugal][Scientist][Hooded Figure][Intern][Secret Police][Glow Cloud][Vampire Slayer][Frood][Don't Panic!][Sailor Senshi][Deadpool][Dreamweaver][Hipster][Astronaut][Pi][Punk][Pirate][Meow!][SushiRoll][Noodle][Pizza][Corndog][Vanilla][Athlete][Dancer][Musician][Maestro][Composer][Frost Wolf][Walker][Nebari][Caravanner][Moogle][Summoner][Blue Mage][Paladin][White Mage][Chocobo][Winter Solstice][Christmas][Tannenbaum][New Years][Chanukah][Kwanzaa][Festivus][Yule][Ho ho ho][Mistletoe][Turkey][Pegasus][Cheese][Tribute][Yognaught][Muggle][PunderfulLife][NoPunsPls]

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